Personal Memorials is dedicated to those who wish to create a virtual remembrance. This can be special words for someone who has passed away or something personal you want to leave behind once you're gone. Whatever you write here will live on long after you have left this world.

Carl Edward,

Not a moment goes by that something either reminds me of you, or I think of something to tell you.....then I remember you're gone. You gave me so much, baby. I miss getting lost in those beautiful blue eyes, our kisses.....they were the best, weren't they?......hearing your voice, your always were able to calm me down and make me realize things weren't as bad as I perceived them to be...your wonderful sense of humour! You could make me laugh under almost any circumstance, couldn't you? In all my life I honestly didn't know there were men out there that could be so unjudgemental, so tender, so insightful, so kindhearted, caring and FUN! I think that's called unconditional love. You blew me away, kid. I've felt your presence, and know you've gotten in touch in several ways these last 2 years. You've proved to me that love not only survives, but actively carries on after you leave this earth. We'll be together some day, I know. You were so young. I guess you'd done what God sent you here to do, and it was the time for Him to take you back. Heaven sure is all the richer since you arrived there, that's for sure! I'm putting one of the pictures of that wonderful day at the lake, on here. That was one of the best days in my life. This is my memorial to you, baby. My sweet, handsome, smart computer soul mate, the love of my life, my lover and my best friend. URS, HHH...Kisses baby, K.

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You where on of my favorite cousins. I couldn't beleave me when your dad called to tell me you had bean killed in a motercycle reck when you went to go pick up the engagment ring for your girlfriend. I remember when we where kids and we use to good around allot. I pray that you are happy where you are say high to Grandpa Rose for me I miss you both so much. I know you both are up in heaven you where both Christian's who loved God so much. You where only 22 when God called you to be with him. I wil never forget you you can count on that I promise to keep an eye on your sister Chelsea.

Missed Darly

Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the one I won't forget.
And if I die
Before you do
I'll go to heaven
And wait for you.
I'll give the angels
Back their wings
And risk the loss
Of everything
Just to prove
My friendship is true.

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I only got you for 6 years but I loved you more than words could ever say. I still remember and cherish that "Just one more book.' I never got to stay at your house by just weeks,remember? You have always been with me and kept me going. It's no question if you made it to heaven. Someday we can meet again and hug and kiss and read again only I don't think I'll fit on your lap anymore! There will always be a special place in my heart where you are living and breathing and you won't be forgotten. That I promise you. Get some bestsellers ready for when I come,ok?

Love forever and ever,

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To Dad,

I miss you so much daddy! I was only 6 months old when you died.I was 4 when mom told me the story of what happened, I can't believe you died of car wreck. You were the best dad I could ever have, but now I have a dad that is taking very good care of me. His name is Keith he is very nice to me and I love him. I will see you in heaven when I'm there I will never stop hugging you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

- Joie, 14, Amarillo,Texas

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When you left a big whole in my life came... You meant everything to me and so much more. No-one will get to know how truely amazing you are. When i have my own family when im older, my friend son is going to be named after you and everyday he will get to know how amazing you were and how you were the best person in my life. If only you could see me now, ive grown up so much. Not living with mum anymore and thats best for me i think you would be proud about how much i have come. Everyday someone says to me that i act like dad they are so wrong in everyway your the person i live like because if i even become a smudge of what you were my life would be brilliant. When i sing its for you when i dance its for you..when i breathe its for you.

God took you away way to soon from me, but i guess he knew that he needed you more then i did. If you could meet the boys that i have dated you would have killed them for what they did but i know you would be proud of me everyday. If you met the boy i like now you would be proud he is everything you would have wanted for me and so much more.

I miss you everyday and cant wait till i see you agian but i guess all those hugs would not happen because ive grown up, exacticly what you didnt want to happen to me.

*Big kiss and hug*

Your loving and so proud Grand-daughter,

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Thanks Dad...In memory of Joseph Smith 2nd

...To the music of REM's "Man on the Moon"

"All the things you can think of -- have already been thought of..."

"My grandpap didn't speak English, he was Welsh"

"Meet people in the middle..."

"Remember the little people in life..."

"We came from the Old Country in 1613 on the Mayflower...we think you are a descendant of John Smith and Black Beard"

"Scientists have all the answers -- they are still looking for the question..."

"Someday you'll feel the pull of a distant star..."

"When I get old, please don't put me in an old folks home. I have thoroughly enjoyed my life..."

"Joe, you were a great noble experiment..."

"Military service is the most noble of all endeavors"

"I am very proud of you son..."

-- note on a scrap of paper sent to me at Misawa Air Base,Japan.

- Joseph Smith 2nd, Cpl, USMC,ret.

1942 - 2003 Died in Burger King one sunny, hot summer day of an anurism...

I'm happy the last person you saw in life was mom...I wish we could have talked to each other for those last three years...Saturday night I was ready to talk to you again...and then you died Sunday at noon...I miss you...I'm sorry for all the things I've done...

Thanks for all the help -- you were my only true friend in are the only person I could count on every time and the only person I think of every single day of my life since you left...I owe just about everything I've learned to you. My love of ham radios, computers, electronics, my mastery of the trumpet and my love of carpentry and astronomy. By the way, I now love country music too and bluegrass...

I miss the days on the Chickahomny and catching flounder in the bay on the Eastern Shore. When I was 5 you told me to go out to the truck and get the little model and you would help me put it together.

You would have been very proud of me...30 days after you died I started training Marines, Special Operations, Special Forces, SEAL teams and Air Force Para-Resue teams for Iraq and Afganistan.

They ALL know your name, because I told them about you at the very end of each class -- I said to them and then they all cried...

"Please each of you do this for my dad. Joseph Smith 2nd was once a Marine too...and he would have wanted you to do this for him. When you're finally done with your job, step up to those guys, look them in the face and tell them as they're taking their last breath....

...Joseph Smith sent me."

In loving memory -- your son,

Joseph Smith 3rd, veteran

Semper Fi -- Aim High...

Let's Roll.

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After all this time, I still ask myself the question of ....why? I'll never know why God took you so soon. After you died, I used to tell myself that I'll ask you when I get to heaven. By then, my loving son , I won't care because I will see you again. What joy will fill my heart when I look up and there you are, waiting for me! My whole life changed when you left here. I've made it past the worst day of my life, which was losing you, but you will forever be in my heart. I love you more than life my son, and I can't wait until the day when I will again get to look into your eyes.

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Marian Reid Wilson Martinelli
June 3rd, 1975

Dear Mom,

It has been 33 years since you died from lung and bone cancer when I was 19, just as it has been 33 years since I grew up, matured and became the woman I am now. Every once in a while - especially when I am triggered by a loss - your absence from my life reminds me that I have lived longer than the time I actually knew and had you in my life, guiding me forward and advising me. I know you don't know this, but even in death you guided me. You taught me to have immense courage in the face of adversity, strength in getting through everything in life, which you will be proud to know that I have, and the ability to manage and maintain a joyful, loving spirit despite all the sorrow. There has been so much sorrow, Mommy, so much, but I always got through it in honor of you and my determination to make you proud. Oh and of course, my stubbornness!!! You know I was always an impish spitfire! I still am!

I am sad today Mom, very sad. On Thursday, October 9th, 2008 I had to have one of my younger cats euthanized because he had liver cancer. He was only 6 years old - his birthday and that of his 2 litter mate sisters - would have been November 4th, and I am bereft and broken. He was like a son to me, Ma, because I never could have children. Thinking about him makes me think about you, Daddy and Walter...and of course, Dinero, my beloved and most favorite cat of all. He came up to the Rainbow Bridge on 12/2/06 and I cried like a baby when I lost him. You two really are the ones whose losses shaped me.

Funny, I am writing this about two weeks before my 53rd birthday and I miss you as much as I did then, maybe even more now. I have had a tough year this year, Ma - I was diagnosed with breast cancer - a really early stage of it - just 4 months after I turned 52, your death age - the age I was always scared I'd never reach, but I did. I am okay, Ma - really - and I will be fine, but getting sick with cancer the very same age you died from it has really depressed me. I am still scared of the unknown, still afraid it will return. I think differently about life now -- I only live in the Now these days because I have to, and yet, when someone I love dies, including one of my cats, I am hurled backwards to the past when you died, and feel as lost and adrift at sea as I did then.

I miss you Mommy, miss you more than you will know. But just know this, I DID become successful and I did achieve almost all I wanted. I may not have become the artist I intended to be in honor of Dad, but I am became a jewel in a crown in my own right. I never wanted to fail you. Never.

Please take care of my two feline children, Dinero Boo, who died 1202/06 and now Ginger, my young man. They are at the rainbow bridge now and know how to find you. Tell Daddy I love and miss him to...

Your loving and devoted daughter,


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I miss you so much. I know you had to go. I've got the best husband in the world and four of the best kids in the world. If it wasn't for them, I would've never made it. I wanted to let you know that you are in each and everyone of us. We know you are in a special place and you are not suffering anymore. You will always be in our hearts. Happy holidays mommy (grandma).

Love Always and Forever,

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Great Grandma and Great Grandad

I only got to see you for a short amount of time when were taken from me, but you both have influenced me so much. I know you are always watching over me and protecting me and for that I thank you. We all miss you so much but I know God needs his two best helpers more than we do. I prayed to you for help in my exams last year and you answered me. Thank you. I know you are looking after Uncle George and Aunty Joyce. You never stop giving do you? I love you so much. Each day I miss you more and more. Until we meet again.

Love Laura

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James Russel Brady

Passed away on February 18th.

A very Special and Loving Father, husband, grandad, brother, brother in-law and Uncle to all the family xx.

He was an angel sent from above, to sprinkle us with his kindness and love.
But the angels in heaven missed him so, that we all had to let him go...
So now he watches over us, we love you lots and miss you Russ.
There was forever a smile on your face, You made our world a better place.

Written by and love from neices, Laura and Gail xxxx

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Dear Mum,

For a whole month I watched you suffer, getting weaker every day. But your love for us stayed the same, each day you went to a huge effort to show me you loved me, that will never be forgotten.

I still feel like I failed you not being there for your final few moments but I know now it wasn't meant to be. Still, please forgive me for that...

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and showing us all the true meaning of love and compassion, your legacy will live on through me...

You are sorely missed Mum, every single day. And the little girl inside me still says "I love you Mummy, and always will."

Remember our rose garden Mum, I will see you there again...

Your Loving Daughter,

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I remember your kind heart always ready to give and to help. We will always miss you and never forget you. Esther (next door neighbour).

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Hi Grandad,

I can't believe that it is already a couple of years since I last saw you, when you hugged me and said you were fine.But you weren't...a couple of days later, you were sick and in hostpital and close to death.I remember I couldn't come to see you or to say goodbye, but when I heard that you died there and then, I couldn't help but feel like dying myself...I really love you grandad, and I wish you were still here,I will miss you grandad until I see you again...
lots of love

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Frances Furst (1914-2006)

I love you and miss you everyday. I think about you constantly. I know that you are at peace with God and no longer suffering but I still wish you were here with me. I miss spending the summer with you and your daily 4 pm phone calls. You are the sweetest and kindest person I know and I still feel your love for me everyday. I know you are watching over me from Heaven and that I will see you again. Just know that you are always in my heart and that I will always love you grandma.

Love, CindyAnn

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My Husband

Thirty two years spent together. Time that passed so quickly. I don't know where our lives went, but I do know that you are still with me, in my heart -- until I join you.

With love,

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Hey Grandad,

I will never forget the day I got the news you parted from us, my Dad told me as we were driving down a big hill, passed our future house, to be gentle with mommy because her daddy has died, and then seeing her crying in the kitchen, but then I didn't properly understand, but writing this tear come from my eyes thinking of my mommys sadness.

Mommy told me of her theory of that you came into grannys house as a bat throught a tiny gap in the window while she was asleep in south africa for your funeral, just to mess with her. she tells me this story all the time, of when she got all of you guys out of the caravan because she thought a sock was a bat...Nice one!

I do remember seeing you though, in 1996 when you were in hospital, which means I was four, I can remember walking around your hospital room, wanting to play, I don't know how though as I can remember stuff like this but not my school work.

You may of seen we visited your grave this year (2005). I really wish I knew more about you as I knew many stories from my dad, I wish I could of listened to your life, of how you grew up, the names of your friends, main events or days in your life. I guess the best I can get is from mommy and granny, she turned 71 this year!

Love you with all my heart, If only I had known you better, If only...

Danny Zackon, 13 years, London, Enlgand.

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Robert Nov. 27 1973- Dec. 13 1973 and Richard Nov.27 1973- Jan. 27 1975

Although life goes on, it does so with a touch of sadness.
Although it has been many years since your passing, I still cry for both of you.
Although I know that you are in Heaven, I still wish that you were here with me.
Although people told me time would heal my pain, I just want to know when..when will that happen?
I just want to say that I miss you both, and always will.

Love Mom

Stettler, Alberta

loss grief mourning


Not a day goes by that I shan't remember you.

Nixon Family

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Sara all though we never talk I pray that you are well. You were my best friend in 2nd grade but then you moved away. Had it not been for margerate I donít think Iíd survived the rest of elementary school.

*~*Lotsa luv from ya home gurl LeeLee*~*

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I've known you for most of my life....we grew up together. Eventually we became family, but I think the closest I was to you was when we became friends independently from the family. We shared some experiences that if it weren't for you being there, would have been almost unbearable. I still have the letters you wrote me when you moved to Florida for that short amount of time. You had a lot of obstacles to overcome in your life and you eventually came through them with flying colors! We're all so very proud of you. I'm eternally glad that we became such good friends. I just wish I'd have been stronger and been a part of your life till the end. I'll never forget you, Dan. You had a heart of gold. So now you know what it's all about, don't you? Who those 'people' were. When I get there I hope you'll be there to meet me and show me the ropes! God bless you, Danny Lee Pigg. You're forever missed and never forgotten. Love you friend, Kathy

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Scott Boyer

Everyone misses you
This you know is true
Especially your family
Kristina, Lydia, Kris, and Candy too.

You left us so suddenly
Without a chance to say goodbye
But now you're in a better place
Tell the angels we said "Hi"

We all hope
That we'll meet again one day
And maybe then we'll have a chance
To say all the things we wanted to say.

You left us in a tragic way
So little words,
So much to say

A heart-attack has left you dead
With no more goodnight's
Or I love you's said.

A cry is screamed out
And it's Lydia calling
Thinking it's all a dream
But without a doubt
It's your body they're hauling
Although it may not seem.

She misses you so
So does Kristina and Kris
They all wish they could give you
Just one more good-night kiss

Briana Finelli

loss grief mourning

My Grandmother

My grandmother was a sweet but stubborn woman who was there for me at anytime I felt that I really needed her we got along greatly..I remember this before she passed away before christmas 2005. She had been taking medication for awhile and it kinda made her loopy and she would always tell me; "Desi get that bottle, bowl, plate, ect." And I would look for minutes at a time trying to figure out where they were and I'd reply; "Gram, there's nothing here." And she'd argue back saying there was. And then I remember the last thing she's ever said to me; "You'll always be my baby girl." My eyes filled with tears because somehow I knew it was soon time for her to go. I decided to do something nice for her. On sunday, her last sunday I went to church for her. (Even though I wasn't a big fan of it I went anyway) while I was there I said a prayer, hoping my grandmother would stay here with me and watch me grow up and move on to bigger and better things. It lasted 'till tuesday night 7:15 pm. I was in school that day during history when I was told to go down to the office. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach..when I got there I seen that my sister was in tears. I wasn't...

after driving up to my grandma ramseys they dropped me off and told me they would be back. After several hours later they came back and told me "Desi...your grandmother passed away.." I stared at them. I replied; "I know." And that moment I gave up on God and Jesus. I never prayed or went to church again and I still don't. I still hope my grandmother will forgive me for all of the bad times I gave her and cherish the good times we had in the past. I love you Edna Irene Koons.

loss grief mourning

Dear Grandad

You passed away with cancer far too soon, I didnt really know you... as you passed away when I was in my early stages in life, one thing I did know about you is that you never let me down.

Im missing you every day and I hope you are having a good time with everybody up there!

Love Tess

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loss grief mourning


You were always my best friend and with you gone all motorcycle rallies and bike ridding will never be the same. You were taken to soon, You were still needed here. We miss you and you will never be forgotten. I will make sure that you will always be remembered as a vet and Harley man. I love you and wish I had at least one more time to ride with you.

Your loving friend,

loss grief mourning


You were always my role model. You taught me to be a lady and how to be the best I can be. You raised me to be the woman I am today. You taught my daughter just how important you were to me. You made it two more years and for that I'm glad that you stayed. I know grandpa missed you, but I am grateful that you had the strength to hang on. Those were the best two years for all of us. I love you and miss you terribly. I hope you are happy and watching over us. We are looking up to you and sending you love.

Love you,
those who were left to carry on your lessons and teachings.

loss grief mourning

Dear Dad,

It has been almost seven years since you left us. Everyday, we miss you. You are in heaven now, but we miss you nonetheless. You were my rock. I was strong knowing you were there for me, to help me, to love me. I try to live with the values you taught me: honesty, integrity, and valor. You were a wonderful father and grandfather. Thank you for all you did for me. Your loving daughter,


loss grief mourning

Grandpa Schaible

Christmas has never been the same since you've passed.

If love could bring you back, you would be here right now.

Life isn't the same without you. Two years have past, and it's still not the same.

We miss you.

From Pumpkin Seed

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A Best Friend

It's so seldom you find a best friend,
The one that truly understands you,
The one with whom you can share anything,
The one you trust more than yourself.
And when you lose that friend, it's the hardest thing.
Mary, you were that friend to me,
And I don't know if I'll ever find another.

Your best friend,
Melinda Trott

loss grief mourning

My Grandpa,

If my Grandpa was here right now and I knew that he would die the next day, I would cherish him as much as I could. I will always remember his wonderful cooking and his guitar playing. I know that he will never be forgotten through this whole family, and I will always miss him.

Alexandra Christine Bulla

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loss grief mourning


My Boyfriend:
The hardest thing I thought I knew is -- you.
The hardest thing I thought you said is -- we're through.
The hardest thing I think about is -- you not being here.
The hardest thing I do right now is -- type this.
The Best thing I ever did in life is -- try to forget you.

loss grief mourning

Family Memorial

To the family members who have gone on before:

There are so many of you dotting the field down by the highway. Some of you I knew and held very dear, while others I didn't know, but grew up hearing about all the great things you did, and how much I reminded everyone of you. I know that, although most of you were gone before my time, all of you play a huge role in who I am today. And for that, I must thank you. Aunt Lula, I wish I could have met you. I've heard so many stories about how you were a phenominal pianist. It would have been great to get to hear or play with you. Grandaddy Will, I wish you would have lived to see me grow up. Sometimes I wonder what you'd think... Grandma Maggie, you've got a great-granddaughter now. She's almost two months old now, and I'm sure you'd love her. But then... sometimes I think you watch over her now... Auntie Jeanell, you I knew best and miss most. There's nothing anyone can really say about you . You were truly one of a kind. Finally, to the rest of the Robinson Clan, I love you all, and I'll see you on the other side.


loss grief mourning


Gone but never, ever forgotten, you were always there and will remain in my heart and thoughts always, when it all gets too much to bear I feel your strentgh and know you are there.

love Natty x x x

loss grief mourning

Dear Dad

I miss you very much. Everyone wishes you were here. I have and will always love you. Never Gone - Always Missed.


loss grief mourning

Dear Daddy,

I cannot image the pain you went through...Vietnam ....returning to a country that did not support you. Knowing you gave your all for your country.

It has only been a few short weeks but at times it feels like forever and just like yesterday. Mom called me so worry and hurt and scared. You did not come home and your dog was lost not understanding why.

You gave all that you could and that is more than I could have done. Your life was long and full even if you did not make it to 62. Oh there are so many things I wanted to do with you and for you. To show you that I listened all those years that you thought I didn't.

You gave me a wonderful life and for that I am thankful. I hope that you were even half as proud of me as I will always be of you.

I am not mad for the choice you mad just sad that I could not give you the help that you would have given to me no questions asked.

You have given me so may happy memories that I treasure everyday. I was blessed with a Father that loved me, helped me and taught me things....if you are going to hoot with the owls you are going to soar with the eagles in the morning!!!!

I love you Daddy and miss you so much....time is to heal all wounds but it will not take away my love and memories.

Please make sure your look over and protect Mom.....she is doing so well on the phone but I know she is lost right now. Bud is helping her as best he know...let me in oh wait let me out over and over again.....but he knows too that you are gone and needs you watchful eye.

May you be at peace now and realize how may people love, admired and cared for you!!!

Love your little girl....

loss grief mourning


We all miss you and think of you everyday. Even though you were only 15 when you passed, you touched so many people in that short amount of time. You were only my step-cousin but I thought of you as a sister. You were taken from us way too soon but we know you are up there laughing and having a wonderful time with Dutchy and Aunt Becky. Keep smiling.

We love you.

loss grief mourning

R.I.P Gran & Pappy

They are not far - no further away
than the morning is to the promise of day.
Than the stars to the night than the sun to the sky
They are not far - this is not goodbye.

They are not far - They are always near
in the memories that you hold most dear.
In the hearts that still care, in the love that goes on...
They will never be far, They will never be gone.

You will be forever in our hearts.

Love your Grandaughter Gail


loss grief mourning

RIP Forrest Smith

This is for my little brother Forrest "Rusty" Smith, a red haired ex-Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War, who died of cancer at age 41 died last Sunday morning at 1am after succumbing to kidney, liver and brain cancer...

To the tune of Rod Stewart's "Rythm of my Heart"

In the distance my Air Force Military Basic Training Drill Instructor very strictly commands... "EP---OO---EE---AR, HUP 2-3-4...FORWARD HUA !!!"

And in perfect lock step Rusty's Marine Corps Drill Instructor somewhere in the distance echoes back..."EP--OO--EE--AR, EFT, EIGHT, EFT -- HUA !!!"

Strong, slow, and deliberate military ceremonial salutes are exchanged with all due military honors as we pass at sunset...

7 rifles fire 3 times...

Dear Rusty,

Our time was short together, but I wanted to you know that I loved you as a brother and always will. I know we had our moments and you didn't talk to me for the last 7 years of your life and even then, mom didn't allow me to contact you, so all I have to say is this farewell without ever having the chance to see you again just like when my dad suddenly died 7 years ago...I hope you did not suffer to long...

I have long since forgiven you for what happened the day after my dad died, I can only hope you can forgive me...I promise to take care of your sons if that is what you wish me to do, just give me a sign and I will take the flag in your honor. I hope I will be as good a father as you were to them...Semper Fi -- Aim High. And, I hope you will go see Dad and tell him that I love him and someday we'll be there in heaven together as brothers and sons...

I prayed for you everyday for that last two weeks and spoke with Mom a few times to see if I could call you or come see you one last time. It is with a profound sense of sadness l have to wonder -- why did you have to die at 41 ? I feel like I have lost a friend, that I could never reach out to, like you somehow floated away and I'm kind of on a boat in the middle of this big ocean all by myself, floating around with just my soul...

I want you to know, Mom misses you very much. We were all saddened by your loss. Everyone keeps asking me if I finally got a chance to talk to you, but I had to tell them I couldn't get ahold of you, because Mom wouldn't let me...I want you to know that afterwards, somehow, thanks to you, my mother and I are now talking after nearly a decade of silence...I suppose it's a lesson learned for Mom to learn to love both of her kids equally...

I know you're out there somewhere and want you to know that you were loved. Mom and Dad, and my family and me...When you were in the Marines and went to war in Kuwait, I want you to know I was there constantly watching your back. I want you to know that I took my job very seriously back then and gave my 110% to make sure you were protected. We fought as one, as brothers in arms and I want you to know there are some deep memories that go way back in my life in better times when times were good...

- Like the first time I saw you after you were born in Mom's arms in the rocking chair...
- And the one fight we had when I was young and stupid...I'm sorry.
- How we played at Christmas and in the sandbox in front of the garage with our friends down the street...
- How we enjoyed smashing into each other on the bumper cars at Busch Gardens and racing go carts at Myrtle Beach...
- How you grew up in that tiny room and playing back yard football and the saxophone...
- When you just sat there and smiled as I wondered what was in that box beside your chair you and Dad had was my new trumpet for band...
- How we enjoyed playing mini-golf all day in Myrtle Beach and enjoyed star wars in the theater later on that evening...
- And when you played on the Junior Varsity team and went un-scored on all the way to state...
- When you got arrested for being drunk in the end zone at our high school football game, lol.
- And when you visited me and my family in Japan in 96...
- And we went to Hiroshima to visit the Japanese war memorial...Dad said, "don't smile for the pictures, it would be dishonorable..."
- We enjoyed the thousand fire crackers you tied up to a tree during 4th of July and the company of our families in 2000 when I came home from the military.
- And how you got me my first civilian job and taught me how to run servers which has led to a great career in IT...

...and there are many, many, many more memories...some I'm too proud to say here...

Thank you for all the memories you have given me that I can remember and for the ones I keep remembering bit-by-bit, little-by-little, trickling out as time goes by without you...I'm sorry...But, no one should have to go on to outlive his younger brother...I'm always wondering -- how could God let me go on when I've made all these mistakes in life -- why did God take you instead ? I suppose only the good die young...

Do not go gentle into this good night, for you are the biggest, baddest, meanest ******** in the land, you were a Marine and my little brother.

"Oh the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum
with the words "I love you" rolling off my tongue
No never will I roam for I know my place is home
where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing

The rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum
with the words "I love you" rolling off my tongue
Never will I roam for I know my place is home
where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing"

- Rod Stewart, Rythm of my Heart...

Semper Fi -- Aim High...
Joseph Smith

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