Honors & Awards

Virtual Pet Cemetery & MyCemetery.com have been featured in print and on TV in seventeen countries. We hope you enjoy your visit to this special place.

Newspaper & Magazines: New York Times, Newsweek Japan, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters, London Independent, Cat Fancy Magazine, Upside, and dozens of others.

TV & Radio: PBS, The Discovery Channel, NHK TV in Japan, as well as German, British and Swiss TV, John C. Dvorak's Radio Show, On Computers Radio Show, and many others.

Pet & Death Awards: The Society of Cats Golden Meow Award, The Pet Lovers Association Honor List, The NetVet Award, The Post-Mortem Page Highest Rating, Internet Roadkill Award, Recommended by Dr. Sue, Cool Dog Site of the Day, The Ring of Death Award, Pick of the Litter, Cool Pet Site of the Day, Bacon Favorites, Dog Page Award.

Online Awards: Cool Site of the Day, iWAY 500 Winner, Cosmic Site of the Night, Magellan 3-Star Site, Top 5% of Web Sites, 2E's Top Picks, The Unusual or Deep Site of the Day, The We Rock Award!, The Main Street Ribbon of Distinction, LookSmart Editor's Choice Award, Best of the Net by The Mining Company, Britannica Award, Gold Medal Winner at the Internet World Expo, 4 stars from Internet Voyager Magazine.

Virtual Pet Cemetery



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